Most Common Winter Repairs

Winter is here and, whether you despise or enjoy the cold, it is here to stay. You might as well make peace with the snowy season. Better yet, why not take the time to inform yourself of the most common winter repairs? Rather than emerge from hibernation with a rusty car, take preventative measures so you can drive into spring without a care in the world. Your car will appreciate the attention because preemptive care for your vehicle will prolong its durability and eliminate the chances you’ll need major repairs in the future. We have compiled a brief list of common auto body repairs during the winter in order for you to take the proper precautions and keep your car safe.


The various winter conditions will cause body paint on your car to suffer. Winter weather is extreme. With possible freezing rain, sleet, snow, or ice storms on the horizon, it is no surprise that the paint on our vehicles will pay the price if exposed for too long. As ice and snow accumulate on your car, they begin to collect added debris such as dust and dirt. When they melt and begin to fall off, the rubble – along with the snow and ice itself – will rub against the car and scratch the paint. During these winter months, if you have to use street parking, it is wise to cover your car with a tarp or another material that is capable of withstanding the harsh conditions. Additionally, some individuals can damage the paint by scraping ice and snow off too forcefully. When removing ice or snow from the body of your car, try to lift the materials off rather than scraping.


Along with snow and ice scratching the paint on your car, the moisture itself will cause rust. To make things more complicated, the salt that accrues on your car can act as a catalyst which will quicken the pace of rust formation. The best way to prevent rust is taking the time to wash your vehicle. A car wash can thoroughly clean the salt acquired from driving your car, but to be safe, you should also hose the underside and wheel wells of your car. Once your car is clean, make sure it is completely dry as well. As an added measure, similar to our advice for preventing repainting, covering your car is never a bad move.

Body Repair and Replacement

The winter is harsh on roads, and by extension, our cars. Winter-related repairs due to accidents on the road are some of the most prevalent. From complete fender replacement to major body repair, the winter is an unpredictable time for our vehicles, but there are many ways to prevent repair and replacement. Whenever venturing out, regardless if you are traveling in a snow storm or fair weather, always be cautious. Drive carefully and respect the speed limit. Or, drive slower if it makes you more comfortable. It does not matter if there is a row of cars behind you, arriving at your destination safely is the number one priority. Even in clear conditions, there could be an icy patch anywhere, especially at night when the weather drops and black ice comes into play. Also, make sure your car is fully operational. A faulty car part can prove hazardous in winter weather.

The winter may be tough, but you are stronger. If your car is in need of auto body repair in the Washington DC or Arlington, VA areas, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website to learn more.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for the Harsh Weather Conditions of Winter

Now that you’ve pulled out every sweater and pair of long John’s from the attic and have had the heating system of the house professionally cleaned, winter can be taken head-on. But, what about your vehicle? Have you had it maintained in preparation for the hard hits of nature’s freezing elements? If not, it is a task that should be added to the rest of your to-dos for enduring the cold weather. If you depend on your car as your main source of transportation, then it is worthwhile to make sure it can also handle chilly climates.




Winterizing your car can help prevent the stress and cost of a malfunction caused by low temperatures, snow, and ice. All it takes to get your vehicle prepared for the season is to have it professionally checked by a reputable auto body shop in Washington D.C. It will give you peace of mind and avoid the possibility of getting stuck with a breakdown in the cold. But, you don’t have to rely on the mechanic to do all of the preparation work; keeping the car in top condition also requires your attention as well. Here’s how your vehicle can run properly with the assistance of an experienced mechanic and you as the driver.


  1. Have the oil changed if it is time to do so and switch the oil to a “winter weight” version.
  2. Have the auto technician do a thorough examination of the vehicles’ components to make sure everything is up to par, such as the battery, tire pressure, braking system and exhaust system. If anything is found to have an issue, get it repaired right away before cold climates take over.
  3. The cooling system should be flushed out, cleaned and added with new antifreeze every two years, so if it needs to be done, have it serviced in preparation for winter.
  4. Make sure that the headlights are aiming in the proper direction and that they are working correctly. You should also check the interior lights as well.
  5. Have your vehicle undergo a tune-up to minimize rough idling and to enhance driving performance.
  6. Replace your windshield wiper fluid with a wintertime version so that when it snows, you can get all the salt residue off for a clear view of the road.
  7. If any filters are found to be dirty, such as the fuel, PVC or air filters, have them replaced, as they can have a negative impact on the engine.
  8. Equip your vehicle with a quality ice scraper and an emergency kit filled with must-have winter essentials.
  9. Are the windshield wipers looking dull? If so, have the old ones replaced with new ones.
  10. Look over the car manual to ensure that all winterization tasks are handled.


Use this agenda as a guideline for preparing your car for winter. The more tasks you cross off, the more likely your vehicle will last.


Is Repairing the Body of Your Vehicle Worth it?

A dented door, a crinkled up hood or a broken bumper. These are some of the vehicle body damages that drivers face in the aftermath of a fender-bender. Although new technology in the manufacturing of cars has made improvements for keeping drivers safer, the vehicle itself will always be the first to take an impact. Even with all of the other aspects that need to be taken care of as a result of an accident, such as insurance claims and recovery from injuries, the decision on whether to fix the vehicle still needs to be made.


As a reputable auto shop, we at USA Motors, Inc. have seen our fair share of cars bearing damage to the body, and have been able to repair them to look like new with our expertise, experience and state-of-the-art tools. We understand that enduring an accident can be difficult and overwhelming depending on the severity of the situation. If you’ve been involved in a collision, what are the next steps to take in order to get back on the road again? If you aren’t positive about where to begin, use this guide to navigate down the right street.


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What Does Your Auto Insurance Policy Cover?

Does your policy have collision, liability, comprehensive or all of them? Depending on what type of accident you’d had and what your coverage is, the funds collected from your insurance company can be used to repair the body of your vehicle. However, if you aren’t covered, a different financial approach may need to be taken.


Is Your Car Worth the Repair?

Before you opt to have the body of your car repaired, consider its worth. Conduct some research on your vehicle to find out if investing in new parts is beneficial. Check the Kelley Blue Book for its value and compare it to what the estimated price of the repair will be. If it is a collectible model or a recent year model, then the repairs may be worth it. If the car is valued at the same price of the repairs, then it would most likely be better to purchase another one, either used or new.


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Find a Trusted Auto Mechanic

Lastly, you should have a skilled auto technician diagnose the damages and provide you with a quote. Once you have made the decision to go ahead with the repairs, leave the rest up to your trusted auto shop company. Try to obtain an estimate of when the repairs will be complete so that you can arrange for alternative transportation until you receive possession of the car again.


In the Washington, D.C. area, we specialize in providing oil changes, parts repairs and body repairs to get our customer’s vehicles back on the road in a timely manner. If you are looking to have auto body repair done on your damaged vehicle, bring it into our shop to have us take a look.

Why Good Customer Service Matters in the Auto Shop Industry

With every vehicle comes great responsibility. Like a beloved pet, cars need to be taken care of to live an elongated life in top condition. From oil changes and refueling the gas tank, to mechanical repairs and car insurance, cars require proper care to work in your favor. For people who use their vehicle as a main source of daily transportation, they want to give it the best auto service they can get for their money. That’s why finding a reputable, trustworthy auto shop is a big deal for drivers.


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Just like the field of construction is laden with dishonest contractors, the auto industry consists of deceitful mechanics who try to diagnose vehicles with issues that aren’t real in an attempt to get consumers to spend more money on their service. Recognizing good customer service and employee values is a way of pinpointing the good auto mechanics. In a trade where a large amount of customers come from word of mouth recommendations and online searches for good reviews, auto shops that conduct good customer service practices are at an advantage.


If you are looking for an auto mechanic you can trust in and depend on for all of your vehicle needs on a regular basis, look out for these excellent customer service values as you embark on your search.


They Have a Comfortable Waiting Area. Unless you have someone to pick you up and drop you off while your car is getting serviced, then most likely you will have to wait. An auto shop that offers a clean and comfortable waiting area means they care about their customers. Even more points should be rewarded if the shop provides entertainment while you wait, such as TV or magazines. We have a designated child-friendly waiting area for our family-oriented customers.


They Listen to Your Stories and Concerns. Some auto mechanics make the mistake of wanting to rush to get the vehicle serviced as fast as possible, especially during busy hours. Part of practicing good customer service is to build a relationship with the customers. Most drivers would prefer to bring their car to a technician they know rather than a stranger. If the auto shop employees take the time to hear your car story and what concerns you are having with it, then they are a keeper. You know you can trust the auto shop business when they give you their full undivided attention and understanding.


They Provide High-Quality Car Service. Are you happy with the results of your vehicles’ service? Whether it be a repair or a maintenance task, the auto shop should be able to provide you with nothing short of topnotch performance. If the service is outstanding, then you can take comfort in knowing their employees are talented and highly trained. If the auto shop does make a mistake, they should be willing to compensate you in some way, with a giant apology.


Keep these top customer service factors in mind when you consider a new auto mechanic. A respectable auto shop will recognize that you’re not the only one responsible for your vehicle; they are too.